T.E Smith and Son employs a computer-actuated plasma cutter for custom duct cutting and fabrication. With this technology, we are able to offer our customers computerized cut to order sheet metal products and custom fabricated duct work at low prices. The plasma cutter is a robotic device that cuts sheet metal by means of a computerprogrammed delivery system.

Simply give us a list of you fabrication needs and we will prepare a proposal based on your material list. If you decide to accept the proposal, we will fabricate your order and have each piece labeled and waiting for you when you pick it up. This equipment allows us to program any shape, fitting or custom design into a dedicated computer and the plasma cutter does the rest. No job is too big or small.

You also have the option of putting the precut duct fittings together yourself or have us do it for you. Whatever the job is, we can make it more profitable for you–no more buying sheet metal duct and fittings from only what is available in the wholesaler’s stock. Give us the layout and sizes and we can make the exact duct system that you need, as well as labeling each piece for easy identification on the job. Let’s say that you have a specific job that requires duct work to be on multiple floors or locations throughout the project. With our custom printed labeling system, each piece of duct can be labeled for the specific job location in which it is to be installed at the project.

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